Rafael Kühn, MD, Pediatrician

Not fluent in german?

Do not hesitate to speak to  Dr. Kühn in English. The staff also will understand you in English but appreciates your efforts to speak German.

Some information on Dr. Kühn's practice

about Dr. Kühn

  • Born in 1963 in Heidelberg, married, two adult children
  • Medical studies in Heidelberg and Freiburg/Brsg. 1982-1989
  • Doctorate of medicine 1989 (University of Heidelberg)
  • Advanced training in pediatrics and allergology at the children's hospital of the University of Mainz until 1995
  • Pediatric practice in Pforzheim since July 15th 1995 (Where to find us)

our services

  • General medical care for children and adolescents up to the age of 18 (age limit applies to the coverage of statutory German health insurances)
  • Medical advice outside office hours
  • Allergological tests and treatments
  • Lung function tests
  • Developmental tests
  • Basic psychosomatic care
  • Complementary therapies

Regular Appointments

  • For your own convenience, treatment is by appointment only. This  keeps your wait tolerable and helps us to meet your needs at a single appointment if possible. 
  • Appointments are preferably to be made by phone (07231-351898), or if needs be requested by fax (07231-356811) or e-mail.


  • For emergencies we provide same day appointments.
  • If to jour judgement  Dr. Kühn must see your child immediately, then for the safety of your child inform us so by phone. This is the only way to make sure that we are open at your arrival, Our experienced receptionists will tell you if we are able to deliver necessary care for your child - if not where to go - and what you can do in the meantime.
  • In case of emergencies not within  office hours Dr. Kühn provides medical advice by phone (0171-700 4948). You'll especially benefit from this offer if you expect us to prescribe any purchased medicaments for later reimbursement at the pharmacy.
  • On Dr. Kühn's advice or if you prefer your child to be seen personally by a doctor then turn to the "NOKI" (Notfallambulanz für Kinder und Jugendliche = Emergency Practice for Children and Adolescents) at Helios-Klinikum Pforzheim (tel. 07231-969 2 969). 


poisoning and life-threatening emergencies

  • In case of poisoning hazards without evidence of an acutely life-threatening urgency directly contact Poisoning Hazard Advice of Freiburg University (free call from Baden-Württemberg) under 0761-19240.
  • In any acutely life-threatening emergency call the European Emergency Number 112 and have your child transported to the hospital. Do not drive your child yourself, unless you get different professional advice.

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Practice Holidays

See here when we're going to be closed for the next time. You will find a table of possible substitutes while we are absent. All pediatric practices that have agreed to cover for us, are highlighted in green.

Our basic principles

We are not about to cure the world's ills regardless of the  fears, hopes and expectations of our patients and their parents. Rather, we want to meet the needs of our patients and their family as a modern provider of services. We stand for a holistic medicine, i. e. a medicine that does not focus exclusively on diseases and symptoms and their optimal treatment, respectively. Holistic medicine addresses the whole patient with his fears and hopes and his social situation, respects his and his family's resources or limits and asks not only for the cure of a present illness but also for its reasons.

Under this holistic aspect, wherever available, we prefer the tried and tested methods of orthodox medicine. Wherever orthodox medicine does not provide a sufficient care or where the patient's parents due to some reason do not consent in a proposed orthodox treatment, alternative methods such as homeopathy are considered.